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Do you see? He likes some future version of us where we have cleaned up our lives, gotten rid of sin, read our Bibles and pray more faithfully, and witnesses regularly to our friends and neighbors. For me, I think of people like N. Wright, Brad Paisley, and Keanu Reeves. I think it would be awesome to be best friends with these guys.

Gay, Lesbian, God’s Love

It would be assumed that we watch football together on Monday nights. That when we went camping, we would invite the other along.

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That if we just wanted to chat about life and theology, we would call up the other person first. Do you have someone in mind who is like that? Usually, when we think about God, we tend to put God in the place of these famous people we want to know. If I could call God any time I wanted. If we could hang out like best friends. But here is the actual truth: When God thinks about you, He thinks about you the way you think about the famous people you want to know.


The way I think about being friends with N. God likes me so much, He dreams about being on a first-name basis with me! He dreams about hanging out with me to watch a football game. More than anything else, He wants to hang out with you.

Being Gay – Article Presents God’s Love, For All People

He wants to be your friend. More than anything, God wants to be on a first-name basis with you. He wants to be the one you think of calling when things are going great, and the one you call when things are going bad. God likes you so much, He wants to even hang out with you when you are weeding your garden, filling your car with gas, and running errands to Sears. And best of all, God likes you just as you are.

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He wants to be friends with you … as you are right now. This is the truth about God that many people do not believe and cannot accept. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think the problem is that with most people God seems for like a dead beat dad. He never talks just sends us letters to read, nothing to personal.

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Jesus is the one who taught us to call God our Father, and any parent knows that for all the inequality between parent and child, the joy is not lessened. Trying not to forget our own dependence on God, a lot of us construct this picture in our minds of our own misery and sinfulness, where God is some kind of benevolent rescuer. Look who needs a bail-out…again. But a God who likes you the way you like your baby?

I see it differently today.

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I see a Jesus who really just longs for closeness with us. Not just because we need him to save us so badly, but also because—could it be this simple? I also do that stuff because those kids are awesome, and limited as they are, being close to them is indescribably delightful to me. Get the latest features, articles, videos and blog posts delivered to your inbox 3x a week. Even when I feel unloved and unlovable?

Even when I really mess up? Here are devotions written by students who've had similar questions—and who've looked to God's Word for life-changing answers. My mom works with a group that goes to local prisons to share about God. One time I got to go with them.

While I was there, I heard one of the prisoners say he thought of himself as "someone God no longer wanted. No matter how much or how badly people have sinned, God's love can still reach them. Even drug dealers. Even murderers.