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The messages were relayed via the PTI's overseeing the tests "Young Bullman, you don't wanna piss him off, he's not joking! Somehow, I don't think I had a chance. As my army career progressed I learned from the advice of my father, Sgt.

How Long Should a Fighter Train?

Mick Bullman, Retired. Since I too wanted to progress and become a PTI and I prided myself at being the fittest man in the unit I wanted more out of my training. I not only wanted to be fit for my job as an infantry man, reconnaissance platoon, but also to progress so one day I could be a Ranger. Each specific job in the military requires a different approach to physical training. Each job has various physical demands. Each individual has to maintain a certain level of physical fitness, but a recon platoon must be more fit and stronger than a cavalry operative, and a Ranger must outshine everyone; his job is far more demanding, both physically and mentally.

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Certain times of year always inspire a great interest in the military. Although some may be interested in the history, we as fitness enthusiasts are more concerned with how we can become as strong as those who fight for our nations and ensure that we keep the freedoms to which we have become accustomed.

Below I have outlined a typical 6-week program for a Special Forces operative. Different Special Forces units will also have different fitness requirements. Those units are required to maintain outstanding levels of fitness and hiking massive distances carrying heavy weight is not uncommon. Note: Only intense workout days are listed here. Do weight training or swimming workouts on your "easy" days.

Although the above program is typical of any elite Special Forces Operative around the world, the distance and weight being used are not for the untrained individual, and the word 'elite' cannot be emphasized enough. Never run with weight on your back; the chance of suffering an injury is huge. Always be sure to wear good boots when hiking.

I use Mendels, which have a carbon fiber plate in the sole for ultimate support. So now you know what it takes physically to be as strong as a Special Forces Operative, but are you brave enough to attempt the workout?

You can build mobility and stability concurrently while learning about how to run at the same time. I like to begin with sets of five minutes. The first stage is thirty minutes total - jog one minute and walk four, repeated six times. Perform this three times per week. Increase interval time again.

Runner’s Diarrhea

Now we extend out to an hour of total time. That gets us to the end of phase one. The injury issues can be compounded more if you are either overweight or carrying a high amount of muscle. Take your time getting through stage one. This stage is simple. The mid-week runs are to be easy, nasal breathing runs. The weekend run is easy as well, but run the last twenty to thirty minutes a little bit harder. At this point there is to be only a limited amount of intensity.

We still need a solid bed of strength endurance before adding intensity. Before people jump all over me, realize the most important thing about running distance is that you can maintain midline stability and foot and ankle control for periods of time. The stabilizing muscles of the body are all slow-twitch and need to be trained that way.

As well, attachments take a long time to adapt so this is still part of our breaking in process.

I would stick to this phase for six months. It makes an ideal winter preparation period for a summer event. The purpose of speed work is not to run flat out, but to teach the body to run at a slightly higher pace than what you can right now. Most people do not ever get faster; they simpler run further. So their 5km is half of the 10km time, which is only marginally faster than their half marathon time. The goal of a speed session is to do some quality work at higher than target race pace. I like to only use one quality session per week for most people.

How you can run a SUB TWO HOUR half marathon with just 3 WORKOUTS A WEEK - Part 1

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock. Breaking Muscle.