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So I went to delete the block, and it didn't delete the Social block, but rather just the inner block. If I'm addressing anything already included in your comment here comment , just let me know and we can close this. Side note: Dropping people into the inner block as the first experience is proving to be confusing according to some of the usability tests I'm running.

This could be due to the order of tasks I give them, but the Cover block, for example, drops the user into the inner block. Anyways, I digress Expected behavior I expect clear visual indicators that tell or guide me to how I enter the appropriate social links. As is, this is intentional insofar as the unselected block is a preview, and the selected block shows additional UI, i.

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However taking this to the extreme, as soon as you insert the social links block, basically all the presets are unconfigured, i. For that reason we pre-configured the email block to not be empty, so at least it wouldn't collapse. Initially we wanted to have it so if all child blocks are unconfigured, they show up even when you deselect the block , and it is only when you configure one or more of the pre inserted ones that these disappear. However this added code complexity to the point where we abandoned that idea, as we wanted this to be a good first example of handling child blocks in a less clunky way.

In the end we decided to go with this, with option to revisit. However we could either revisit the "WordPress is preconfigured", or the "nothing is preconfigured" idea where everything collapses on deselect. What do you think? This makes sense, but the grey icons didn't signal as placeholders for me. I had to click on one to realize that I needed to add a URL.

Since we're preselecting the FB icon when adding this block to the document, would it be feasible to also open the URL popover so that it's clear what the next step is? That's the disconnect for me. The absence of a border on the inner block also left me feeling not quite sure what was being targeted. It does look nice, but didn't convey the information I needed to understand where I was at in the nested path. Because I see the outline of the entire block, I figured that's what I was editing.

Or even this one below when I have a social icon linked. There's a bit of confusion around why the placeholders are grey in one instance as opposed to colored in another.

Other Titles by Kay Ryan

It doesn't feel right that the hovered state is the "what this could look like" state. I hope I'm not raining on anyone's parade with these comments. It's a terrific block, and one I can imagine being used frequently. There's just some UX flows that need refinement. I vote for the WordPress.

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The problem with the mailto: is that it ends up inserting an invalid link. This was the default behavior tried out previously, but ended up causing accessibility issues with being able to tab through the icons.

Discussion here: review. Skip to content. I usually use both. I use odd if I want to place a door or window directly in the middle of a wall. But I also use even if I want to place double doors.

Even or odd building – The definitive discussion

I primarily use powers of 2. There are exceptions, though, of course. Sometimes I use 6, 12, et al. I even use 5 on occasion. I voted for both. You heard that, green and red. Re: 3D Minecraft - Anyone tried it?

Building Blocks for Adults: Creative Odd-Shaped Shelving

I gave my wife my glasses for a second, a creeper showed up and now my wife is pregnant. Stupid 3D.. My house is eleven blocks by ten blocks. Would that be both? You opened the box man Odd I can have a center block. This is why id love to be able to have half blocks but horizontal instead of vertical, and be able to put a door in that gap. Odd is definitely the way to go if you're looking for relatively crisp angles on your structures -- pyramids, for example, certainly benefit from the single-block peak that odd-building results in.

I tend to build my walkways, hallways, paths, etc. Sadly, a single set of double doors is out of the question, and because of the 1x4 footprint of Nether portals, I cry myself to sleep every night.

Odd and even group divisible designs with two groups and block size four

Even for buildings usually. Due to my use of double doors. However if i am building something with a pinnacle eg. I have seen so many projects fall tho, because of a combination of both on the same axis.