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Red Puffy Dog Vest quantity. Thanks Melissa! I used the Painted with Love Designer Paper. It seems like there should be a better name for how beautiful it is! The colors are so stunning! And the Gold is very shiny. I hope you think that this card shows love for that awesome sacrifice!! Below are the items I used, click on any picture and you will be taken straight to my OnLine Store! Thank you for stopping by! I hope you come see me at my YouTube Channe l!

I came close last time, but would really like to get there this time! Can you tell that the dog is fluffy and two colors!? Read on to see how it was done! To vote, you will click on the heart in the right corner of the pictures, preferably mine!! The theme this month is Baby.

I came home from a stamp class today and sat right down and made this one! I love how the dog has such puffy fur! Want to know how I did that? Cool Right!!??


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My hands were raw. Mary started whispering into my brain. Without a solitary care in the world! There was not even a slice of gray light in the room when Mary began her wake-up harangue. By the time Jonah came into the kitchen I was sure it was lunch-time, but it was only Jonah asked if he could help me cook in the kitchen for Thankgsiving. Then Grace joined us in the kitchen.

I am looking over their shoulders as they stir the thick batter. I stand back and watch them with a just contained apprehension. The dark chocolate chunks they mix in looks as whimsical as polka dots against the deep orange batter. I bet chopped toasted walnuts would be great in there.

So we add chopped walnuts into the mix. They scrape the batter into loaf pans, dripping globs of it on the counter and floor as they go along. Mary unfolds in fury. Damnation and infernal hellfires threaten to pour forth. Mary is ready to explode, the kind of explosion that makes insides rattle pleasurably with release. But then I catch a whiff of the sweet and spiced pumpkin loafs baking in the oven, and a mellow rivulet of calm funnels through.

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And Bitch is quiet. Preheat oven to F. In a large bowl whisk together flour, baking soda, pumpkin pie spice, and salt until well-blended. In a medium bowl, whisk together eggs and water, add sugar and mix well. Add the canned pumpkin, vegetable oil, and vanilla, blend together. Add the pumpkin mixture to the flour mixture bowl and stir until blended and smooth. Fold in chocolate chips. With a spatula scrape the batter into loaf pan.

Bake for minutes, until the loaf is firm to the touch and when a toothpick inserted into the center. We lived a few blocks from the JCC, in a great 5 th floor walk-up down the street from the Park and the legendary Dakota Building. The cool old-school Manhattan apartment combined with the giddy exhilaration of being a brand newlywed had me in a convivial mood.

I wanted to celebrate, and create jubilant scenes centering around good music and delicious food. My ambitions outstripped my abilities and dwarfed my experience. I signed up for the Shavuot cooking class blind. And I was a little surprised when I walked into the kitchen and saw that the instructor was a kippah- wearing, beard-sporting rabbi, with a slight southern accent.

He introduced himself as Gil Marks, and briefly told us his culinary origin story. I often have a hard time relating to rabbis, but here was a rabbi I could understand. He told us about mamaliga and blintzes, but his New Yawk cheesecake was the takeaway, for me at least. Dense, creamy, and just the right amount of sweet, using lots of sour cream and even more cream cheese, real vanilla he emphasized real , and fresh lemon juice for those who want to double down on a zingy-tart flavor profile why not?

I found my cheesecake. When I heard him interviewed on NPR and learned that he was mentioned in glowing terms on the Saveur , I felt both proud and a sense of ownership, because I viewed him as my teacher. Eventually I logged in enough time cooking and baking to be able to create my own recipes. Although really are there any completely original recipes? I riffed on his Meggy Leves recipe, reimagining it as a sweet-tart summer cocktail. The Shabbat Stew in my cookbook is based on his Yemenite Soup.

Last year I attended a Kosher industry dinner where he was among the honorees. I waited until there was opening for me to gush in a hopefully credible manner. He listened to me, and was happy to tell me about what he was working on: American-style Cakes. And believe me I was happy to hear about it. Also great as a flavorful parve side dish for fish. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds or sliced almonds for even more nutty flavor. In a jar with a screw top lid vigorously mix together tahini, sesame oil, lemon juice, honey or sugar, and garlic powder. Once well combined, drizzle in olive oil, give a few more solid shakes.

Season to taste with hot sauce, salt and pepper. Pour evenly over cole slaw and toss to cover flavorfully. Makes servings, recipe can be doubled. Tight shot on the Tall, Dark, Handsome and very rich gentleman in the center of the stage. Estella, will you be my first lady?! They cheer raucously as Ross gets down on one knee, reaches into his tuxedo jacket and produces a small red velvet box. The other two women, the rejects, turn to Estella baring their white teeth as they pull their mouths into big fake smiles, their eyes shining with anger and envy.

Six months! All eyes zoom in on Estella. Lovely, poised, down-to-earth Estella. Her backstory made her the audience favorite: Orphaned at a young age, and raised by her Uncle Morty. Pinched from the small steamy-hot, storefront bakery she helped her Uncle run on 4 th Street. She also became the spokeswoman for Capital City Humane Society kindly urging people to spay and neuter their cats.

And then there was the social flurry that she was instantly flung into without tripping up even a bit! It was clear that Mayor Veres had made the right choice. Uncle Morty came by a couple of days a week, and she was always glad to see him. During his visits he filled her in on what was happening in the neighborhood and at the bakery.

One day Morty arrived looking harried and stressed-out.

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He was asking questions, sniffing around like a hungry dog, looking to see what kind of sugar I use and what kind of flour I use…. Her assistant Clovie was helping her dress when Uncle Morty texted that he was on his way and to please alert the front gate guards. She was accessorized in a diamond and emerald choker and matching bracelet.

And her face was made up semi-naturalistically to highlight her high cheekbones and fresh cream complexion. She had only a few minutes, she apologized to Morty, as he entered the room. That deputy of his -Mann -is spreading the word that by Spring-time the cafes, bakeries, and restaurants who serve food with white flour and white sugar are done, finished, kaput.

That means me and all our friends and neighbors. What would she say? She was only really starting to get to know her husband, the Mayor. The pandemonium of their very public courtship and the media crush of their wedding was just beginning to recede. There were a few spectator- free minutes where she was able to relate to him; over the occasional cup of coffee before his day officially began; in the limo on their way to an engagement. When she contemplated approaching the Mayor, Estella recalled the mean jokes and dark remarks that were attached to his first wife.

Estella was a bookish and artsy-craftsy teenager who ignored most of the internet and all of the twitterverse, but she remembered the neighborhood busy- beaks, poking around for any kind of flavorful gossip to devour with their morning coffee and pastry. Varelle, the ex-first lady was always making news for doing just as she pleased, even if it was at the expense of her husband, the Mayor. She was banished from Capital City soon after, and has since opened a vintage clothing store in a flat-yet-quirky midland city. IV The news that Mann was pushing to eradicate white sugar and flour started to rise pretty quickly through the bakeries and cafes of Capital City, and completely infuriated the Foodies ; those in the food service sector, and the people who loved them and their products.

The best part of being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want, goddammit! Believe me, I did my time with all that good-for-you-holier-than-thou-hippie food growing up with my Mom! Estella inhaled deeply as she entered the dark wood antechamber. She twigged onto this bit of protocol pretty quickly. He had been out of the City on official business for a week prior, and was due to depart for another trip imminently, she needed an audience with him asap, if only to get Morty out of her hair.

I was hoping I could prepare a meal for you when you get back and that maybe you can invite H. Ansell Mann to join us? Yes, great. A reward for his loyalty and good work. Velvety smooth, thick without being chunky or coarse. Estella, you are an artist! Catching his gaze, she shuddered at the beady blackness of his eyes. Perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the corn and the warmth of the saffron.

The Mayor beamed. The color is so rich. Yellow is my favorite color so I love making this dish. The wait staff entered the dining room bearing the Second Course.

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The fresh herbs as well as the scallions in this dish are all locally sourced from a rooftop hydroponic farm right here in Capital City. Please forgive me Madame Mayor, but I am like a recovering addict when it comes to white flour and sugar. I enjoy it so much that just a nibble will result in a disastrous tumble off the wagon. The Mayor looked at her quizzically.

Do you know how many businesses and people will be affected by his categorical ban? White flour and sugar are terrible for you, please believe me. Ansell Mann declared unctuously. His bakery is an important part of neighborhood life. The food that he makes, and the food that the people I grew up with make, really makes people happy. While Mann sputtered his protest Ross dipped a forkful of French Toast into the green onion-shallot yogurt sauce, and then placed it into his mouth. A Healthy Living campaign would surely reflect well on you with the electorate!

VII Mann was a sweat-stained mess by the time a platter of Kolooschen cookies was placed on the table. Mann smiled weakly. These cookies are great. I love the cardamom, and the sour cherry filling is a real treat. Ansell Mann, his features tightening into a frown. I want your resignation on my desk by tomorrow morning. You wasted valuable time and resources on this personal vendetta of yours. We have much bigger problems around here than cookies…Lazlo, please escort Mr. Camera slowly pans out to reveal Estella stirring the pot. She looks up and smiles at the camera. She tidily cracks eggs with a sharp tap into the bowl of creamed coconut oil and sugar.

Next, in a separate bowl, she whisks flour with an expert flick of the wrist. While she executes these steps she chats amiably with the camera. And it was a game changer once I made them for the Mayor. A Very Jewy Christmas. Dan-Dan noodles? Ask Lila and Jed. Ethan hands each person a red and green Christmas striped paper plate. They pass the platters, serve each other and themselves, and then they dig in. Karinne delares her love for Christmas, and then a conversation begins about how wonderful Christmas is. Yiddish ghost! Karinne squints and strains to make out the old man.

He asks fearfully. He focuses on the hill of Salami and Eggs Fried Rice in the center of the table. The kids groan. We live in New York! Because it was only the Chinese restaurants that were open on Christmas for the non-participants. With a dismissive sweep of his hand in the direction of the Jewish-Chinese-American Feast, Reb Yudl is undeterred in his disapproval.

His accent is heavy, his voice is brittle, but he bitterly soldiers on: This is not the way of our forefathers, this is not the ways of our sacred tradition, you vant holidays—ve got plenty! America is such a place that Jews are free to celebrate Christmas- Vat do you eat on Easter? A salami ham? Reb Yudl sits at the table, clutching a glass of tea, it signals a softening of his stance.

Ethan has finally found an audience for his discourse on Chinese food. Reb Yudl listens, rhythmically nods his head as he drags his fingers through his long beard. He lifts a wiry eyebrow every so often. The kids are zoned out on their devices and Karinne is underlining a script.