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Home Recipes Not sure what to cook? Inspire me. A warming one-pot with a Moroccan feel, perfect served with couscous. Give salad a shake-up with an Egyptian-inspired recipe that combines fava beans with egg and the rich flavours of tahini, garlic, lemon and cumin. Traditionally muslims break the fast with dates and or water. After the evening prayers, iftar is taken and is usually enjoyed with friends, family and community.

Many people enjoy the pleasure of hosting iftar parties at home where they get to greet and share the food together with the community. Even restaurants offer buffet iftar meals during the month long period. Special dishes like sheer kurma, shahi tukda, dum biryani, samosa,many veg and meat appetizers include the menu. However each region has their own special dishes and is a personal choice as well.

I had a lot of requests from readers during Ramadan last year for a compiled post of Iftar recipes, so I put in an effort to make this post. Any suggestions to enhance this page are most welcome. I will be updating this page further with new iftar snacks recipes through out the month of Ramadan. So stay tuned! Here are my suggestions for quick foods if you are running short of time and are unable to go through the entire post.

What is Ramadan?

These recipes are not only healthy, they will keep you hydrated and boost energy instantly. Try to minimize the use of sugar. A glass of barley water can be consumed regularly before you begin to fast. This will keep you hydrated through out the day. Lassi recipes — Sweet, salted and mint Mango lassi Dry fruits milkshake Badam milk Cold coffee shake Chocolate shake 13 Fresh fruit juice recipes Banana Milkshake Carrot badam milkshake. Here are the top 10 desserts you can try. A soft set burfi or halwa recipe made under 10 minutes with just 3 ingredients - Shahi tukda How to make shahi tukda Shahi tukra Shahi tukda or shahi tukra - is a very popular rich desert that has originated during the Mughal reign.

15 Delicious Ramadan Recipes You Should Try

To Sheer khurma Sheer korma for Ramadan or Ramzan Sheer khurma recipe for Ramadan - Sheer korma or shir qurma is one of the delicious hyderabadi dessert made during Rasgulla recipe How to make rasgulla Soft spongy rasgulla recipe Rasgulla recipe. Learn how to make bengali rasgulla recipe at home. Some of these are tawa fried and some deep fried. Consume deep fried foods in moderation. Chicken shami kabab recipe How to make chicken shami kebab recipe Shami kabab recipe with video - Chicken shami kabab are a kind of meat kebabs that are popular in India Chicken spring rolls recipe How to make chicken spring roll Chicken spring rolls recipe - Making these tasty chicken spring rolls at home is super quick and easy.

My kids Chicken cutlet recipe Chicken patties Chicken tikki Chicken cutlet recipe or chicken patties or tikki. Kabab or kebab is Tandoori chicken How to make Tandoori chicken Tandoori chicken is a world popular chicken starter originated from the Mughlai cuisine. Soft, juicy, flavorful and delicious grilled chicken Chicken Shawarma recipe How to make Shawarma at home Chicken shawarma recipe — Shawarma or shawurma is a Arab dish that is prepared by grilling meat on a spit Chicken lollipop recipe How to make chicken lollipop Chicken lollipop recipe - A hot and spicy appetizer made with drummettes or whole chicken wings.

I make chicken appetizers With time and experience Chicken nuggets recipe How to make chicken nuggets at home Chicken nuggets recipe - Learn how to make chicken nuggets at home.

15 Instant Pot Ramadan Recipes

Chicken nuggets are one of the most commonly Popcorn chicken recipe How to make kfc style popcorn chicken at home Popcorn chicken recipe — Learn to make crunchy kfc style popcorn chicken at home with this simple and quick recipe Reshmi kabab recipe Chicken malai kabab Reshmi kabab or chicken malai kabab recipe - Kebab or kabab is a piece of meat or other food that Chicken Manchurian is an Indo Chicken burger recipe Zinger burger KFC style chicken burger Chicken burger recipe or Zinger burger recipe - Learn to make chicken burger at home with step by step photos Szechuan chicken is an Chicken tikka recipe Chicken tikka recipe - Tandoori chicken tikka is one of the most popular chicken starter or appetizer from Indian Cuisine Chicken majestic Hyderabadi chicken starter Indian chicken starters Chicken majestic recipe - one of the popular dry chicken recipes from hyderabad, andhra pradesh served as starter.

I wonder Garlic chicken recipe How to make Indian garlic chicken dry Garlic chicken recipe Indian style, Learn how to make garlic chicken in 20 minutes - This Indian style garlic chicken Egg bonda recipe Egg bajji Egg pakora Egg bonda recipe also called as egg bajji or egg pakora. To make these delicious bonda or bajji, boiled eggs Chicken 65 recipe Chicken 65 recipe. Chicken 65 is a popular spicy, delicious These are mostly deep fried or baked.

20 Healthy Ramadan Recipes

Sandwich recipes 35 Easy sandwich recipes for breakfast or snack Sandwich recipes - Collection of easy 35 sandwich recipes for breakfast, brunch, snack or a meal. Some of these also Falafel How to make falafel Falafel recipe — A detailed step by step photo guide to make delicious chickpea falafel at home.

Apart from serving Tawa pizza without yeast How to make pizza without oven Tawa pizza recipe without yeast video - Making a pizza without oven, on a tawa or pan is quick and Dahi kabab recipe How to make dahi kabab Dahi ke kabab Dahi kabab recipe - A restaurant style snack. Dahi kababs are also known as dahi ke kabab. They are quite Samosa recipe How to make samosa Samosa recipe - Samosa is a potato stuffed deep fried tea time snack that is very popular not only in Bread vada recipe Vegetable bread vada Bread snacks recipes Bread vada recipe - A quick snack recipe you can make with any kind of bread.

This is my modern twist on a recipe I grew with! These halloumi fries are made by rolling the cheese in flour, panko breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. Then, instead of frying them, I baked them in the oven until golden and crispy. I paired them with a simple and bright marinara sauce for dipping — a fun Mediterranean appetizer! It is a traditional recipe that I learned from my parents. I make a variation of this stew every 7 to 10 days! For a great vegan entree, try this Mujadara recipe.

But if you do want the meat, you should try this Beef Kafta recipe.

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And you can serve it with my Lebanese Rice for a complete meal. Another great dinner option is Shish Tawook , which is a popular Lebanese grilled chicken skewers recipe. I also have a Lebanese garlic sauce that is the perfect accompaniment to the tawook! Sfouf is a Middle Eastern semolina turmeric cake, made with simple ingredients, no eggs and no butter.

And you know how important dates are during Ramadan, so why not find more ways to eat them? These Mediterranean inspired buttery date cookies are sweet, nutty, chewy and completely irresistible — perfect for after breaking our fast with some coffee! And when you need an energy-boost for suhoor or at iftar, try my recipe for Golden Milk Turmeric Latte! There are strong health benefits associated with fasting for Ramadan if done right. Hope this post gave you some insight into how to honor this month, stay energized, and cook some healthy Ramadan recipes this year.

Iftar recipes | Ramadan recipes for Iftar, Iftar snacks sweets recipes

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Can you make a recipe for a Dates Drink or Smoothie that would be really cool. Thank you again. Thanks so much!