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Needing better ethical conversion. Wanting a better way to sell. Frustrated at price objections. Understanding the customer psychology behind avoiding the insurance conversation is the key to improving conversion. This understanding will transform your approach from selling on price to helping people buy the right amount of cover. The research clearly indicates people know they need more cover and want to buy more cover. The gap between intent and purchase is value.

In this course, we start exploring how to move the conversation from price to value and provide 5 proven and ethical influence strategies for creating higher perceived value in the insurance solutions you sell. Achieving Problem Acknowledgement — Part 1. Most advisers have been taught to sell the wrong way. The first 5 strategies we cover in this course will radically improve your ability to generate more interest in the insurance conversation.

Achieving Problem Acknowledgement — Part 2. Building on the first 5 problem acknowledgement strategies we take ethical influence to the next level with 5 more proven and ethical influence strategies. The bigger the perceived problem, the more motivated people become to buy the right cover right now. Motivating people to buy the right cover is noble. Motivating them to buy from you is what's required to be noble AND successful.

We build on our understanding of the first 5 value strategies and provide you with strategies for expanding value and ensuring people value your hard work.

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No questions asked refund of your money any time within 30 days of your purchase. Simply email dean deanmannix. We take all the risk out of your purchase. Dean Mannix Will Help You. Repeat and review key courses and exercises as users advance through the training to ensure comprehension. State-of-the-art, integrated features track, measure and monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications directly to email or SMS in real-time.

Good cameras. Mobile email messaging on a mass scale. Multi media devices. Long before the iPhone was invented. Nokia deemed the Japanese market too challenging and closed their research center. Turned a blind eye. The competition was already too far ahead. Nokia is still alive Go check. Only it's User Interface didn't keep up with the emerging competition. I agree with everyone, broadly. I'm working on to establish a Corporate and Product Branding Consultancy in town Accra, Ghana , and this article on Nokia, like others, is what I've been looking out for, to help learn and know how to start and grow an enterprise and keep it growing and succeeding decade after decade, century after century!

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I'm learning! I would love to also see something similar about Blackberry. They were the prime brand for many early adopters and business users of cellular phones here in the USA. I wonder if their demise was also due to strategic mistakes, and if similar to Nokia they also got bogged down with tactical activities and lost sight of overall strategy. If the company is at crises, what should the managers do? Could it be one of the option go for advices from top management consulting firms or any other third parties that can help to formulate better strategies to save the company?

Assuming they went for consulting firms, then the firms were failed to help Nokia as well?

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Captain of the ship knows how to sink the boat. Stephen the first non Finnish CEO in history of Nokia joined in from Microsoft and made a deal to use Windows only despite the fact that Android was growing and already captured huge market share. There was alot of pressure from Nokia employees to move to Android but he ignored all. He fired alot of people. He later sold Nokia mobile business to Microsoft and earned millions of dollars in the deal. Later, he joined Microsft again. Looks like the plan was to promote Windows Mobile at the cost of Nokia that failed badly.

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In a rapidly changing business environment disrupted by increased regulatory reforms, digitalisation, societal demands, capital A series of blog posts about how changes in culture and technology are reshaping what managers do. Supported Browser. You are currently running a browser that appears to be out of date.

Please update your browser. Latest Articles. The swift decline The following years marked a period of infighting and strategic stasis that successive reorganisations did nothing to alleviate. Why Successful Companies Usually Fail. Shiven , Microsoft was saved just in time. Samantha , Unless I am misremembering, I. Arijit , Just imagine, if Nokia had. WRT , Hart , Agile Coach. Nokian , Nokia still exists.

Nokia actually pioneered apps. Atto-Kwamena , Good Contributions!

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Great article. Sheila Yovita , I wonder if Nokia once ever hired top consulting firms. Aaqib , Add a comment Already a member? Sign In. We welcome your comments and encourage lively debate. However, to ensure the quality of discussion, our moderators reserve the right not to publish personal attacks, abusive comments or overly promotional content. Notify me when new comments are posted.

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