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This is a deeply touching and valuable book for anyone already on a spiritual path or for those who long to rediscover the Mystery that gave form to their own lives. For we all have to learn to get along with each other if we are to have peace in our world. Bless this book, and may the words in it ripple out to all mankind. The knowledge she offers draws on the wisdom she has gained from years of practicing and leading ceremonies with her husband Rod, an elder from the Akimel O'odham nation.

What distinguishes this book from others is her matter-of-fact approach and grasp of how very practical ceremony is and how easy to create. Linda's book covers the ground of what we need to understand about a force of healing that is immediately available to us through simple principles. These are beautiful words. The Lord God warned Jeremiah about the egotistical deceptions of false prophets:. The prophets are prophesying lies in my name; I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them.

They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. This is not the first time that either Cardinal has denounced this horrid document. It really is true: Francis Hates Americans. Catholic: Universal. One would think that the Pope would not resort to generalizations about one national people or another. One would think so A throwaway remark by Pope Francis aboard the papal plane this morning raised a few eyebrows among those traveling with him — and sent his press handlers scrambling.

Due to the vast coverage in the media Tagespost, kath. Granados, and of the interview with Professors Melina, Grygiel, and Prof. Therefore, we assume in the following that our readers are informed about them. Martin to be the first sociologist at the Institute, I was for approximately two decades intimately involved, with the help of the Institute's first President — the later Cardinal Prof.

Carlo Caffarra — in its establishment and growth. In several meetings with the entire international academic staff, together with Pope John Paul II, there took place intensive consultations about the vision of the Pope and his objectives. The Pope and after him in a similar fashion Pope Benedict XVI hoped that, with the help of the founding of this new Institution, there would take place a far-reaching renewal of the Catholic theology and pastoral care for marriage and the family.

We all were and still are convinced that Divine Providence gave the Church and the world, through Pope John Paul, a charismatic new beginning in the field of the Church's teaching on marriage anthropological explanation of Humanae Vitae, Personalism, expansion of the Sacrament of Matrimony, etc.

As a father of many homeschooled children, due to a demanding job, I only have a 30,foot understanding of how they actually learn, as my wife carries that burden. However, I do know that, while Mrs. Adfero has always tried to keep up with the kids' Latin courses, it was never a core subject that must be completed every day.

Then, we were sent the Little Latin Readers. At first, Mrs.

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Adfero was hesitant to even look at a new product, with the start of a new school year just a few weeks away. But she did, as the creators sent us a package, and she felt obligated. But that hesitancy quickly turned to excitement. So much so that she changed course at the last minute and now a number of our children will be using these Readers exclusively for their Latin studies this year. While I am not qualified to go deeply into this tool, here are some key features to know:.

Labels: Catholic schools , education , homeschooling , Lingua latina , Resources , Reviews. We added another fine priest to the roster in the last month and the Society now stands at 96 priests saying weekly or monthly traditional Latin Masses for the Souls. In this piece the son describes their decision to get married. His mother had already left her teaching Order. But his father was still a priest, on leave from his parish. His father decided to marry his mother as a Catholic priest without receiving a dispensation from the obligations of his ordination.

I really felt that in order to be true to the Gospel I should enter into the deepest relationship possible for the church. I have far less of a stake than they do in the future of vocations they left behind. Whether the ranks of priests and nuns continue to decline or somehow return again to the kind of flourishing that made them the significant cultural markers they remain, I will watch with interest, comparing their rise and fall with that of other religious groups that have experienced similar trajectories. Those of us who lived through those times—this was —remember all too well the turmoil of those days, both in the secular world and in the Catholic Church.

In the end of the Angelus today, Francis announced a Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals, set for October 5, They are, without a doubt, the most liberal group of Cardinal-Electors ever assembled. At least two of them are widely known in Roman Circles for their "gay" preferences and the word "gay" is used here advisedly, to include the whole homosexual "gay culture" mentioned by Benedict XVI in his document on seminarians to be avoided , as well as 2 liberal Jesuits.

Even those explicitly non-liberal, as the Abp. The passion of the Church will last for many decades more. And Francis will never resign. Not only that, the Puppeteers will leave him in a coma "creating cardinals" for years, if that is what it takes to completely remake the College of Cardinals.

Young Traditional Catholics deserve answers, not scorn. Many of them had walked all the way from Ely, 58 miles in three days. Recent days have seen one of those waves of attacks on Traditional Catholics on social media. I have responded to one aspect of it, that of simple charity, with a Twitter-thread you can see here. Here I want to look at another aspect of it: the kinds of things the supposedly hateful traddies are talking about. Augustine: "All Catholics know: Divorce is of the devil! Even setting aside any mystical interpretation, the fact that the Lord was pleased to be asked, and to go to a marriage, showeth plainly enough that He is the Author and Blesser of marriage.

There were yet to be those of whom the Apostle hath warned us as forbidding to marry; who say that marriage is a bad thing in itself, and a work of the devil. Yet we read in the Gospel that when the Lord was asked, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause? He answered that it was not lawful, except it were for fornication. In which answer ye will remember that He used these words: What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

They who are well instructed in the Catholic religion know that God is the Author and Blesser of marriage; and that, whereas joining together in marriage is of God, divorce is of the devil. All attention in Italy at the moment is focussed on the political crisis. Yet there is another much graver and vaster crisis, which constitutes the background for the political crisis: the religious and moral crisis of the West.

'Restoring the Heart Into Big (and Small) Business' MAUI HI JUNE 15-16, 12222

The political crisis is visible; it enters our homes through the mass-media and even a distracted eye or ear perceives it. The religious and moral crisis can be perceived only by those who have a developed, spiritual sensitivity. Those immersed in the materialism of modern life, have a refined capacity in appreciating the pleasures of the senses, but are spiritually darkened, if not completely blinded.

The religious and moral crisis is a crisis that happens when man loses sight of his ultimate end and the criteria that must guide his actions. A society that is immersed in agnosticism, dissolves and dies. In Italy, for example, the government crisis has made us forget an important date.

A hearing is scheduled for September 24 th with the Constitutional Court, to judge the legitimacy of Article of the Penal Code, which punishes the crime of instigating or aiding suicide. The highest juridical authority of the Italian State invited Parliament to promulgate a new law before this date, otherwise it will be the Court itself that will determine the route to take. The self-determination of the individual is the supreme rule of a society which ignores the existence of a moral law written in the heart of every man and to which men and societies must comply if they want to avoid self-destruction.

Labels: Civilization , Crisis of the Church , de Mattei. A panel of three judges of the Supreme Court of Victoria decided by majority today to uphold Cardinal George Pell's conviction for sexual abuse of a minor. DC basilica shrine rector under investigation. Another high-profile cleric in the Archdiocese of Washington is under investigation.

To no one's surprise except the Washington Post and other mainstream media Monsignor Walter Rossi, the current rector of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, is the subject of a "full forensic investigation" by the Diocese of Scranton Rossi's home diocese and the Archdiocese of Washington where Rossi works at the basilica shrine. The issue of the affairs of Walter Rossi has been pushed for at least a year by investigative reporter George Neumayr. The next day an investigation was announced. So far, former DC cardinal-archbishop Mr.

This verbal art is an important aspect of hunting activities. Ijala poems are many and varied, we have Ijala for different occasions. Before the Ijala is chanted, there is a dance done by all the Ijala story tellers to the beat of a drum, after which each tells their story and then introducer the next story teller, who before chanting gives the name of his family and his children Alabi The Ijala performance will be blended with Iwi Egungun.

He will then lead exercises, meditations and discussions related to the themes of the pieces, on the themes of uncovering our true nature, finding peace in the present moment and living to our fullest potential. We will examine how psychological attachments strengthen the ego, and how we can release ourselves from them, finding the spaciousness of our true nature. We will examine how becoming aware of our own mortality can enable us to live more fully and consciously, and at how acceptance of the present moment can transform our perception of reality.

Living in peace and harmony with creation — living a life of fulfilment and love — is a dream of mankind. Now these dreams are becoming a reality — because some humans are reaching that state of consciousness which is needed to realize that dream. This people create a true community — which is based on just one rule — love. The project — is reflecting that dreams in its designs — and would give a group of people a home — reflecting their way of life..

It has a central round space as a spiritual centre for a community of 12 people 6 permanent residents plus 6 guests — plus additional also round guest houses. Added to the centre circle — on both sides are two wings - surrounding an interior garden. The fundamental design shows two rings uniting with each other — creating a Fibonacci Spiral. The independent eco village — has 3 parts - Academy — Village — Technology — is giving home, education — and work for several hundred people — in harmony with creation - living a life in paradise.

The fundamental structure of my Eco Village is the flower of life. The complete design again is very simple — just circles within circles. I do the paintings to bring specific energetic qualities to spaces and people to harmonize their life and living situation. Most of my paintings are done individually for a certain person for a specific situation - be it for protection, or empowering the soul, or destiny etc. I go into an inner state of awareness — choose the colours — and paint — connected to the Soul of the person I am working for.

I use specific natural mineral powders — as well as acrylic colour and real gold for my paintings. Paintings of the Soul are the most powerful healing tool used in Feng Shui. We will go through all our senses and channels to attune them. My presentation aims to explain what Focusing is, both by describing it and explaining how it works and also through a practical experience which allows to perceive how it acts in our body.

It is an orientation that allows us to enter in contact with our corporeal feeling of how we are living a particular situation. Focusing starts with our body, in a zone between our conscious and subconscious. In this approach, our body is considered wise, seen as a whole of things, a unity that includes various levels, i. Focusing is more than being in contact with our feelings; it is something that goes deeper than our thoughts, and is much more than a simple corporeal therapy.

By starting to live at a deeper level than thoughts and feelings, the entire situation appears in a different way and new solutions or perspectives emerge. It is as if we are able again to comprehend the language of our body, with its needs, knowledge and wisdom.

Through some practical exercises, the participants will be led to listen to their sensations, in order to reach it. What is really a community? How can we engage in a modern community and be beneficial to ourselves and each other at the same time? Self-consciousness has become a daily practice even for mainstream lifestyles through yoga and other activities. People start recognizing the real values in life and are willing to put it into action. But how easy is that? How can a person, who has been raised with different values, be actively engaged in a community that is working towards awareness and human consciousness and be effective?

On a personal level there needs to be done a lot of work in order to function from the heart and when many people come together for such an important mission, obstacles might appear in the form of conflict. I suggest that conflict should be seen as an opportunity to grow, while interacting with the other. The word which is the cause of many destructive events on the planet can be charged positively and refer to creation instead of destruction. Conflict can be seen as an opportunity to interact and resolve issues that have been torturing our collective unconscious for thousands of years.

In this workshop we can share stories about personal or interpersonal conflicts and creatively transform them into learning tools for what is missing. Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho Brasil History of transgenerational therapies twentieth century, to the genesis and the method of systemic constellations. Through this holistic view we reach the understanding of natural pulse and the meaning of existence.

The pulse comes with a natural mark own , from the charges emotional entanglements and systemic we assume that from our family. It comes related to the position we have in the "field" of the family. The third child, Gama. The builder as seen by A. Adler the psychoanalyst, and the anthroposophist C. Konig and now on our research in which we can characterize this typology aspects in a useful tool to the systemic therapeutic work.. Finding the pulse of the customer is to find the strategic plan of personal development. As we journey we will enter the realm of the Archetypes, and feed the soul.

After drawing and writing about our experiences we bring our experiences into the circle, appraise and discuss the practice and its merits as a tool for developing the self. There is big hole in the soul and deep wound in the heart of humanity. What are people yearning for? People walk mindfully, holding deep intention in their hearts, starting from the East Gate, following the spiral, and reveal to elders deep longings of their souls and hearts. Elders respond with gesture, drum, or song. Finally we create circle in the Center and nourish each other with love - spontaneous gestures.

We'll sing beautiful song to accompany this celebration. What is itt hat feeds the soul? Personal Mastery enhanced and transcended by collective learning to service leadership? New approaches in organisational and societal healing and learning and leading. In our proposal I would like to introduce some of our core processes that we explored as a group from 4 countries sponsored by an EU project. Originally we hoped to engage in some major systemic research to explore the collective platform in Transformation. As we deepened our relational presence in our meetings, we did realize that actually we ourselves have become the research field in guiding us through some major inner and group transformative processes.

This presentation would allow us to see what processes and mental maps we have used in our journey through the heart so that we may understand and apply the inner transformation in our societal fileds of compassionate action. We find that there is a deep consensus of our great awakening teachers across the planet in quest of dilating access and tapping the Source Code of all Life and Experience. Out great World Teachers in diverse ways saw that the Unified Field of Reality is Infinite Presence and to gain access to the Field of Source Reality we must mature in our mental and literacy practices.

Whether Moses, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, LaoTzu…to give some prominent examples…these great Code pioneers concur that we humans flourish and mature as First Persons when we enter I am and thus find our personal access password into this Source Code of LogoSophia. Whether the AUM Zone of Yoga , or the Dharma Code of Buddha or the Christ Code of Jesus …it becomes evident that the Primal Field of Reality is Infinite Presence and to the degree we are alienated, severed, eclipsed from intimate access to Source Code of all Life we suffer, we are lodged in deep denial, we deform our true Self and existential addictive patterns rule our lives.

Therapeutic Immense Life Immense Life is a new form of therapeutic treatment:. Children can be alpha, beta and gamma. These characteristics follow for life. So we can understand personality characteristics, areas of interest and know good evolutionary strategies for each person. The observation of the therapist in this work, has a huge importance as it unveils the customer a track where the own client can lead to an adult and happier life. This is a short therapy encounters only one or two. It was born Therapeutic Immense life, a way to treat healthy.

The book will be taking to the Transpersonal Festival. See what lies behind our personality, is unveiling the movement of life. What gives rise to the celebration of life itself. Emanuela Palazzo, Cristina Rovetta Italy. Experiential group workshop. A job to feed our soul and the soul of the world, recognizing and experiencing the archetypical forces outside and inside us through contact with elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire, in a participatory dialogue between our Ego and our Transpersonal Self.

Psycho-corporeal experience lived integrating Mudra body, movement, dance , Mantra breathing, sound, voice, singing , Yantra mind, vision, insight, thought , Ritual Gestures of a sacred to life ceremony and Objects of power. The magic use of the healing herbs has always had both sacred and mundane characteristics, at the same time. The thresholds of human perception and the ecstasy of the diving perception have often found a common ground in a root, in a mushroom or in a flower.

The poppy, for example, has a symbolic aspect related to the fertility of the earth and the mythological embrace of Morpheus: its drug is the hypnotic opium that induces a sleep, which is similar to death or to the rebirth to a new level of awareness. But its power is also a balm of piety, compassion, because morphine reigns in the medicine of pain. Poppy is also the ritual tool in the ancient mystery cults in Eleusis together with the power of the rye and its fungus, the Claviceps Purpurea.

The fungus itself is used as a balm for the childbirth pains. It is so powerful that it can induce an ecstatic delivery, even if traumatic. Again a plant is at the threshold between the pain and the birth. It was a plant that opened the doors to the psychedelic drugs, to the play of ecstasy more than to the shamanic sublimation, to the lightness of the soul more than to the pain and its cure. The psychoactive drugs derive from ancient cults and each civilization has explored their ecstatic power, calmness and awareness.

Regina U Hess, Ph. What happens when a short, artistic feature film asks a really big question? This multi-cultural film engages participants in deep reflection, asking: What does the world need that feeds the Soul, and how does the Divine teach us in the unexpected ways of the Trickster? This co-creative production seeks to unite the international audience, film participants, and filmmakers, in creating community through providing a space for each member to respond to the film, and to share additional ideas and transformational stories of trickster encounters related to the question: What feeds our souls at an individual level, and how can we work together to nourish the collective soul at this critical time in the world?

It is now clear that TransPersonal Literacy and Intelligence bring us to the Source of all our worldviews, cultures, religions and forms of life. This Primal Source Field is named differently in our great philosophical, spiritual and religious traditions through the ages. Whether invoked through Tao, Aum, Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Sunyata Emptiness , Christ, God, Spirit or the Foundational Energy Field of all the Sciences…the collective wisdom of our planet through the ages has recognized that this Source Field is the generative Source of our diverse scriptures, worldviews, enlightenment teachings, indeed, of all worldviews, narratives, ideologies, religions and disciplinary forms of life.

This consensus teaching of our great wisdom endowment reveals that we humans become Whole Persons when we access the Source Code of Life and re-center our lives and cultures in the Source Field which is the Sacred Space of Infinite Presence. Our great planetary awakening teachings concur that the Fundamental Source Field is boundless, hence trans-finite, and as such this Infinite Presence must be the generative source of all possible worldviews, narratives, disciplines and forms of life.

Be Alive and Celebrate Life In this workshop, we will play, celebrate, breathe, meditate, smile, make body contact, open our heart and experience sharing love and kindness with others… It will be an opportunity to share joy and love in a very easy and experiential way. We will co-create a deep and holding environment to let our true Self blossoming for our own growth and for the benefit of the whole planet.

Indian spiritual music. This music finds its application in holistic therapies. Vocal music is sung artist Yndira Aldea Monica Irenne. Medicinewheel, sweatlodge and trancedance as archaic tools for modern therapies Our genetic programs remember well ancient shamanic strategies to transform and enhance our life quality. When we begin to enter high levels of conciseness through ecstatic trance-dance rituals or the birth-simulating sweatlodge ceremonies the self-healing capacities rise and we get more access to the unconsciousness.

The medicine wheel as a map and a languish helps us to detect and to balance the different states of perceptions.

The Power of Ceremony

Our soul responds directly with the magic of shamanic rituals and when we are able to built a bridge between the old knowledge and our modern understandig of the soul we harvest the best of these two worlds. This is a evening event with a feedback round in the next morning. It is open for 25 persons. I can too offer a trancedance ritual with about 50 persons. This kind of trancedance goes back to the brazilian umbanda and candonble societies and was transformed by Dr.

Atkins, a brazilian psychotherapist into a contemporary ritual. Spirituality - a feminine path? In this presentation Jenny Lynn explores which masculine and feminine values we need to awaken in ourselves not only to express our true spiritual identity, but to help shift us into a consciousness that heals. Jenny sees spirituality grounded in realism and that, without embodiment, our spiritual beliefs can constitute a flight away from our collective responsibility for healing ourselves and our fellow human beings. By sharing her own personal journey of teaching and dancing the blues and practising tantra, Jenny leads and demonstrates with her own experience, how using the body in dance and touch has brought her into a new consciousness, has developed an indestructible spirit, and just by being, has created healing in others.

She seeks to explore how the initiated masculine and feminine can be expressed in each of us and how embracing our own internal opposites can heal our relationships, our clients, and ultimately the world. This presentation constitutes both a talk and a practical movement, touch and blues dancing workshop to music. We seek to listen deeply to the music, express the masculine and the feminine interchangeably regardless of gender, and to become at one with touch and close embrace. The Power of the Gesture, which has been neglected for a very long time, is now emerging in all its strength and beauty as never before.

It is awakening increasing amounts of beings to the values of brotherhood, freedom and peace. The steps of such re-evolution of consciousness require us to be fully aware of our body to reshape the essential unification between body, soul and spirit. The unitary experience of action-thought-feeling transmits a spotless image of reality, which can change our perception of the world for good. In so doing, we can retrace the ancient paths giving us the possibility to conquer a pure vision of the world, recovering the real essence of being a Man. Our personal Power connects again with the Universal Power in each single gesture, step or word.

The workshop will offer methods and elements that are simple and can be easily used to access this daily joyful experience of unity and completeness. Concept : There are only one way for two lowers to stay together for a long time, may be for a lifetime — simply they must blow a small plumule betveen them all the time. This is a kind of dialog but not in a words, as you can see in video, this is much more real dialog because it is in act you perform deeply together.

I hope this kind of philosophy sometimes could help. The intention for this presentation is to create space where people can explore how their I is fluctuating among different inner positions, and how they are relating to the minds of other people. Each of the four positions represents a concern of the therapist which arises when conditions support it and vanishes when conditions do not. Thus, we do not ourselves guide our actions, but it is done by the situation.

Beginning in the s, family therapy holds to basic principles that 1 all people in a system are connected such that a change in one brings about a change in others; 2 individuals can be best understood in their contexts; and 3 the therapist and the client system jointly create a new system — the therapeutic system — in which all involved mutually impact one another. Both of these perspectives allow that therapy does not just have an impact on our clients but it is action that has its effect also on the therapist.

The client will learn that a person is not the same thing as her thoughts or feelings; she is more than just her conception, image or story about herself. In addition, issues experienced as sacred can be invited into the therapeutic system. Thus it is possible to build new stories which are richer and more meaningful than before.

The greater a space we are able to identify ourselves with and also let this identification go the freer we are. Hope, happiness and love can be the main elements in the process of transformation and evolution of human beings. Through the Integrative Transpersonal Approach I.

ITA is a methodology within the Transpersonal Psychology that promotes states of expanded consciousness and the integration of reason, emotion, intuition and sensation. It can be applied in clinical treatments, education, and organizations, both in the form of individual sessions or group workshops.

The authors are going to stimulate creativity and the playful dimension of the individual, using body exercises, drawings and metaphors. This work is done using a 7-stage methodology based on theoretical basis of ITA. The song of the soul Many people complain of living with a sense of heaviness and fatigue, feeling her heart harden It's about a"mental", lifestyle the habit of talking and a lot of loss of "contact" with the body. Habits, those who carry the shakti falling asleep, and the joy of living to shrink more and more We will work with the body, with active meditation techniques, dance and bioenergy, to move from the mental plane and return to flow with the life principle available when you are in the Body and in the present.

It brings gifts and valuable insights, in our lives. We will also use a technique we call "the song of the soul", a powerful way to reconnect to themselves through the voice. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the criterion validity of a item, binary-response inventory, the Transpersonal Depth-Guided Imagery and Music TD-GIM , for assessing the degree to which experiences of the Bonny Method are transpersonal.

As a criterion measure, participants also rated the transpersonal depth of their experiences on a five-point Likert scale. The sharing circle can be a good occasion to ponder about the issue of the psychospiritual difficulties, to ask ourselves and understand what they are, how we can face them. Our experiences are gathered together. The transpersonal psychology underlines the importance of spirituality both for the individual and the collective wellbeing; moreover, it describes the difficulties that people and also groups can meet in this regard.

Therefore, it will be interesting to share ideas within the perimeter of the circle, where each one can give their contribution. The authors will read their poetry themselves surrounded by a sound created by an orchestra made of percussion instruments, mantras, sounds of nature, singing They will live a significant experience of contact and sharing.

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Focusing is, without any doubts, a process of self-awareness. What we focus on is the way our body lives each experience, problem, relation, etc. When we talk about the body, in Focusing, we mean our entire organism: our physical, emotional, mental, energetic body and so on Most of the time, the Felt Sense is a vague and unclear sensation, which suddenly appears and then slips again into the subconscious.

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Moreover, at the beginning, it seems not so promising. Nevertheless, it contains all the complexity and all the connections related to the experience in reference. Moreover, the Felt Sense includes the next step forward implicit with regard to the situation in reference, and this is because it includes the tapestry of our passed history plus our hopes and fears for the future. In fact, we all have this ability, i. This ability has been simply neglected, due to our culture, which is based more on understanding than feeling.

It is simply a matter of activating it. This being said, by practicing the Focusing at an advanced level, it is possible to go beyond the psychic level and perceive a wider State, experiencing our deeper nature, experiencing what we really are in a natural way and experiencing it in our body. Andrea Careggio Italy. My proposal is to, once again, risk to change perspective. All new ideas create confusion and generate anger in those who feel the ground trembling beneath their feet. Nowadays we still do not have a shared definition of what Life is, still we agree defining ourselves as Living Beings, beings taking the action of living.

Life is, Life exists: wonderful! This is the definitive answer to the essential question; it is the core of knowledge, philosophy and awareness. It was just to change our perspective and the intuitive answer, which we all perceive but not hold, suddenly appears. The new idea is thus that we are the passive product of Life itself, which means that we are the Action of Life. Changing perspective means, finally, to stop thinking at ourselves as the subject nor maybe even the object , but as the action of life itself.

My workshop proposes to listen and experience the dancing rhythms of the Orixas, i. These gods and goddesses can also be perceived as the archetypes that live energetically in our depths and that can be awakened to find energy, wellbeing and hints on how to live our lives. The seminary will start with a short introductory moment about these topics. Catherine Ziridis Greece Discover your Charisma! Every adult has a unique profile of abilities and capabilities to be explored and developed.

This personal mix of strengths and weaknesses constitutes our own uniqueness, our personal charisma into this world. This theory is a very valuable tool in order to identify and develop our personal charisma and live an extraordinary life. Through the Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent, Francois Gagne draws a distinctive line between giftedness and talent by arguing that giftedness refers to the natural expression of our innate abilities and gifts charisma while talent refers to the special performance in a specific sector.

With the inspiration of the facilitator, the participants will imagine, dream, live and travel in order to find their own nugget of gold. By immersing themselves into their charisma, participants will find their own personal source of inspiration and optimism and twill become leaders of their own life and make a real difference in this world through their natural personal imprint. Hands-on workshop of Creative Alchemy. Creative Alchemy is a definition that I have created to describe a practice of Self-awareness and Self-transformation; the practice is rooted in the creative and corporeal expression.

Campbell and is structured as the following: -the Calling to the adventure: entering and being welcomed into the circle, to fix a safe area, to be healed and listened. Being present to the unfolding of our own inner tapestries can break structures that were crystalized and free room for new interior relations, in a process of healing and synthesis. The Creative Alchemy, with regard to its expressive part, takes inspiration form the Creative Connection of Natalie Rogers. If universal human rights norms, driven by the conscience of humankind, have compelled a 'paradigm shift' around the globe, transcending cultures and amplifying responsibilities towards greater freedoms, peace, and respect for the inherent dignity of all members of the human family which arguably they have then where do they stand in their current status when confronted with tyranny and oppression, and what is the potential for a true cosmopolitanism?

Can the human rights norms that have been created and entrenched advance the needed changes within humanity? My perspective is informed as much by personal and professional experience as it is by my academic research, and will offer a cornucopia of ideas and examples to facilitate dialogue. Tataian Ginzburg Russia I will present new methodology of transcendence throught different Games, and creating a space of Meaning - discovery in each situation. Beate Ilg Germany, Italy An interactive concert where you meditate through sound and play with your voice to bring you up to higher frequency and fill you up with joy and happiness of being.

In these handprints an important and interesting source of information lies, which can be unveiled. Handprints cannot be manipulated and are not modifiable along the entire course of our life.

Other lines ad signs, on the contrary, may change, therefore the definition of the direction to be taken to fulfill our life lies in our hands. It allows us to access an important source of information about our personal structure and our behavior, our dilemmas and our contradictions as well. Moreover, it helps us also to minimize the responsibilities undertaken by us as parents, spouses, educators, psychologists, etc.

Using quantistic terms, I dare say that — except for the animal and vegetable reigns — all the living creatures, with no exceptions, should know what their potential is and what are the obstacles in their personal and relational development. During the Workshop the basic criteria and the aims of the technique of the hand analysis developed by Richard Unger will be explained www.

The conflict is no longer seen in terms of disruption but in terms of evolution. Therefore, counseling can be included in the dynamics of the couple and the family to activate a process of change in the interpersonal dynamics; people may try, therefore, to transform a critical relationship that is about to end into a new relationship within the new family structure that is going to be created. Jan Pilotti Sweden Taking existence as absolute, that is independent of observer, it can rigorously be proven in Einstein's theory of relativity that spacetime is ontological four-dimensional.

So in physical reality all events - past, present and future exist at once. It is here argued that when persons near death experience their whole life at once this can be interpreted as that 4D spacetime is open for direct experience. There are arguments to extend Einstein's theory of relativity to six dimensions three space and three time dimensions and it is here argued that phenomenal experience taken as fundamental can be described in 6D spacetime which, in contrast to 4D, also allow many possible futures.

In this view sensory experiences exists outside the brain and memories, fantasies thoughts etc. There are persons who experience their whole life, 4D, and also can walk around in there 4D life history, thus experiencing change which need another time dimension, so 5D experiences. The brain is extended in time so brain is a 4D structure. I have a strong intuition that it is possible to rigorously prove that a 4D structure cannot in any intelligible sense create a 5D experience. Thus it can be concluded that there exists experiences, which cannot be produced by a brain and thus are beyond the brain and thus that consciousness can exist without a brain.

This the proves or at least strongly supports that we are not human beings with spiritual experiences but spiritual beings with human experiences. It is hoped and believed that this will have a positive effect upon how we live our lives on our Planet Earth. Shanti E. Petschel and Helen U.

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Schulz Germany - Italy. Thus, as adults, we live in a state of hypnosis and restriction off of our nature-given and original potential to feel, perceive and reflect our experiences as integral members of a living world. A Salve for the Soul So our working hypothesis could be that Landscape IS Soul and vice versa! Year 2. Childhood to end of puberty 3. Iuliana Costea and Anca Munteanu Romania. Role of meditation technique in developing creative potential:.

Meditation techniques are the most frequent and modern way of reconnecting with the Self and in get into contact wit spirituality in our days. In the last years there are numerous studies about the effects of meditation, both from a psychological point of view and also regarding health. The purpose of our research is to examine if meditation techniques have any impact in developing creativity in students.

The data was collected in , in Romania. In our study participated 90 psychology students, randomized in 3 different groups: one group that is meditating frequently and doing creativity training, one with creativity techniques only and a control group, that is not meditating and not doing creativity training.

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Creativity level was measure pre and post intervention, with a set on test, regarding it's components like: originality, flexibility, fluidity, divergent thinking, creating aptitudes. Results showed significant differences between tested groups. The received results is in no small measure discouraging: the psychotherapy is successful by no means not therefore that is considered the reason of its efficiency, and is frequently contrary to that!

The modern psychotherapy is a little more than hundred years old. Bur what was "a psychotherapy befor psychotherapy", before Freud and Breyer? How throughout the millennia people healed the souls and cared of them? Each successful psychotherapist, does he knows it or not, intuitively uses from one to three modalities of "primordial psychotherapy". But if he or she masters all nine, he can become the great professional. The only piont is to apply them in a modern way, i. Talking to Masters of Spirituality, Science and Art we dive into the great world traditions discovering their practical and theoretical foundations, their truth and importance.

The masters talk about their path and share their experience of enlightened life. The strength separated from the grace turns into simple brutality, but the grace without the support from the strength is powerless and cannot be assertive in the world. By balancing these two existential polarities, we can assert our subjectivity with regard to the subjectivity of others.

The revolution starts within each one of us and it is a demanding path of peace. Revolution starts from the evolution of the inner conflicts to evolve in the dissolution of the interpersonal conflicts. Its aim is to recover the individual ability to find the experience of the existential pleasure and the joy of life. This is the process and the project of Biosophy. Exploratory research on therapeutic ritual healing: Applying scientific protocol to conduct experimental study of spiritual hands-on-healing" The purpose of the first phase of this exploratory study was to examine the phenomenological experience and beneficial results that participants with a variety of religious orientations reported from hands-on healing sessions they received. The purpose of the second phase was to discover whether a non-religious healing protocol could be taught. The first part of the study was a qualitative study using thematic content analysis to describe the phenomenological experience of 11 participants who received spiritual hands-on healing.

The second phase of the study was a quasi-quantitive study to analyze reports from 31 recipients of hands-on healing , including 20 given by individuals being trained in the protocol. Benefits reported by recipients on a scale for improvement in chronic conditions after the sessions and follow-up longitudinal reports six weeks later were analyzed. Modes of perception commonly reported were physical, subtle energetic, mental, emotional, altered state, and spiritual.