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The only way you can store the value is via social capital. You hand out the surplus meat to the other members of the tribe.

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Everyone wins from this set up and it explains why we are hard wired for reciprocity. Saving is just the storage of surplus resources. Is it possible that in the modern world we mistakenly confuse frugality and saving for meanness because it somehow reminds us of the tribe member that holds on to their surplus meat for themself? You can follow The Escape Artist via Twitter here. If those who are excellent find no preferment, The people will cease to contend for promotion.

Yoda - You must unlearn what you have learned

If goods that are hard to obtain are not favoured, The people will cease to turn robbers or bandits. If things much desired are kept under cover, Disturbance will cease in the minds of the people. Thoroughly enjoyed reading and found myself agreeing with all the points made. Nice summary post to take us all into looking onwards and upwards. Happy New Year to all and lets stick it to the Man throughout As TEA would say, value is not always monetary, time is precious. Point 10 is one that really gets my goat, and I have a whole post half written about it in draft in fact must try to complete that!

What they fail to realise is that it is not a victimless crime as their problems then become your problems. Whatever choice you make when your brother or sister comes knocking for money you will pay either mentally, financially or both. Getting into debt is a truly selfish act. Bike was transport of choice 2. No credit 3. Good point re debt having potential knock on effects to others…. Thanks for the comment. An excellent point in the earlier comment about how even painstakingly self-educated people who also have the discipline to curb their own wants are then pressured to bail out those they care for.

I would like to comment on numbers 2 and 9 that impressed me a lot! If we think better we will realize that things that make us happy are not…things! Friendship, love, compassion, kindness, positivity,respect, admiration, some good company, a walk by the sea at a sunny day! Simple things that are given to us for free are those that make us happy!

Number 9 talks about sugar and fat and the wrong opinion we have about those two! Me too, I thought that eating fat could make you fat, but on the other side I thought the same about sugar too! When we are completely sure about knowing something, it is the time we realise we did know nothing at all!

It seems almost backwards. No wonder talking about personal finance with friends and family is still taboo.

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned

It is all about balancing your risk using your asset allocation. Great post! Really like this list.

Everyone says it, it must be true. This is a nice reminder to think things through for yourself. Fun to see my kids enjoy the same movies I enjoyed some years ago. Seems most of what we think we know today is derived from non-authoritative, often self-serving, sources and therefore is dubious and useless.

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As you suggest, tuning out is recommended. Appreciated 6. So much marketing focused on convincing us to buy items for our ease and convenience.

Unlearn What You Have Learned | Power Living Today

Learning, striving, collaborating together and overcoming challenges leads to happiness, not seeking and finding ease and convenience. Does your heart automatically respond to some people more than others? Do you feel a tingling in some places or discomfort anywhere? What images and pictures come to you while you take in all that is around you on the platform? This simple but profound experience of extending your awareness beyond your own bubble while simultaneously staying mindful of what it is feeling may give you an incredible sense of how powerfully your heart relates and connects to what is happening around you.

While it may not be able to communicate through words, it does express itself through feelings, metaphors, sensations, images and other methods unique to you. If you bring this subway platform sensitivity with you to other parts of your life — when driving in a car, when walking down the street, when entering a room full of strangers or when waiting on line while shopping — you may begin to notice that there is an automatic and natural connection that your heart has to everything going on around it.

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In fact, your heart is always connected whether you allow yourself to notice this or not. It is the most basic aspect of being human. With time even the most simple of shapes, gestures or movements from people and beings around us invite us to notice their incredible beauty and the feelings and intelligence they provoke in our hearts. This empathy should also extend into other, more concrete aspects of your writing.

Another example: relentlessly culling long, dense sections of copy into their most succinct versions. In this case, the empathy comes into play by respecting the amount of time required from your users to read their chosen content. If you find yourself getting stuck when trying to turn a foreign subject into something more readable, start with empathy.

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